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David Formánek: Our country is lucky to have great industry leaders


While some mainstream media may be overly pessimistic about the Czech economy, there are some good news following from an independent survey by Komerční banka analysts. Although 2023 may well be another difficult year ahead of us, there is no reason for “dark scenarios”. Broadly speaking, our economy has overcome most obstacles so far. In Q3 and Q4 2022, we went through a very mild recession, and this year, we should see a slight recovery. We have weathered the energy crisis, while maintaining a high employment rate. We’ve talked about all this with David Formánek, Member of the KB Board of Directors responsible for corporate and investment banking. As Mr. Formánek emphasises, "The Czech economy was supported by foreign demand, as eventually there was no recession in the Eurozone countries. It also showed how viable and strong our companies and their leaders are, which is very encouraging."

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