Courage, ingenuity and skill of our people. That is the biggest capital

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Despite the general skepticism, the Czech Republic is lucky to have a relatively high number of skilled and energetic people. Besides state-of-the art technologies, Tiyo, one of the largest accredited labs in the country operating mostly in automotive, has also relied on an innovative staffing system.

When asked about the greatest advantage of his company, the CEO & co-owner Petr Havlík replies that it’s the ability to develop a special fast and streamlined testing method tailored to customer needs and an efficient approach to recruitment. "We only choose the best people – both in terms of performance and character. We have used Performia’s methodology to great success. It approaches testing holistically, which is very important for us as we want the new employee to fit into the team character-wise and motivation-wise. That's why we keep building our relations also at offsite events. This is how we manage to keep our staff turnover at just 6.5% with 150 employees. The friendly environment offsets the impacts of high demands on performance and creativity."

We’re expanding our expertise to other means of transport

When the Hořice-based company entered the market three decades ago, it only cooperated with Škoda. Thanks to major investments in new technologies, Tiyo’s range of services, number of industries and client portfolio has expanded in the last five years. Besides automotive, the company has established itself among truck, bus, railcar and aviation industry manufacturers.

Tiyo’s long-term clients include renowned automotive brands such as Hella, Automotive Lighting, MAN, Magna, Valeo, Iveco and others. The company delivers complex and fast services: it usually takes only a few weeks from receiving customer data to implementing the product. That’s why the individual steps must follow without breaks or fluctuations. All this is enabled both by Tiyo’s accurate planning and tracking system that monitors order status and above all, perfectly coordinated team of skilled, experienced and motivated people.

Ever-increasing demands

Car and battery manufacturers are increasingly interested in testing electric car batteries. Therefore, in the past two years, the company has invested considerable funds in the necessary equipment, such as special containers for cell and module testing. On top of that, Tiyo also tests environmental, mechanical, material and electrical properties of a wide range of components and increasingly focuses on services in test equipment development and production. There is also a growing demand for electromagnetic compatibility testing. Since last year, Tiyo has used the so-called EMC anechoic chamber to measure the unwanted radiation of the products tested.

The technical team is currently working on the most complex project yet, namely, electric compressor testing. It combines different types of tests of many technologies. The company has more than 70 climate chambers ranging from the smallest for individual small parts to the largest with a volume of 110 cubic meters, which can accommodate not only the car body, but even the entire car.

Tiyo has developed a unique relationship with one of its customers for which it supplies testing services. Cooperation on a unique product, which is used to inject air oxygen into fuel cells, has had both partners work closer together to use their strengths and enrich each other.

The company’s testing range also includes the examination of odours in vehicle interiors. This is performed by the so-called olfactory panel consisting of several trained people - sniffers. That’s just another type of specialization required in the company.

Written by Věra Vortelová

Photo credits: Tiyo

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